What Cosmetic Tattoo services do you offer?
Specializing in ~ Microblading, Blade + Shade or Hybrid Brows, Powder Ombre Brows, Tattoo + Colour Correction (on all artists work), Lip Blush, Freckle Tattoos & Li-FT + Emergency Removal Services

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What is Cosmetic Tattooing?
Cosmetic Tattooing is also called Semi-Permanent Makeup or Micropigmentation.  It is the process of implanting pigment in the surface of the skin

Using sterile, one use only blades or tattoo cartridges, to design the appearance of hair strokes, shading & cosmetic make-up

Cosmetic Tattooing can be used for eyebrows, eyeliner, freckles &lips!

What is the difference between Cosmetic Tattoo & Traditional Tattoos?
Cosmetic Tattooing is softer & more subtle than traditional body tattooing.  PMU is used to enhance the natural features of the face

BrowSavvy uses only the best Li Pigments & Micropigmentation Center Pigments, iron-oxide based pigments instead of traditional tattoo ink. Unlike tradition tattoo inks, these pigments are designed to fade over time.

Microblading & PMU is very superficial in the surface of the skin, less than half of a traditional body tattoo, Sarah is working in the base or basal layer of the epidermis, while body tattoos are deep into the dermis

What is Microblading?
Microblading, also called eyebrow embroidery, hair stroke brows, feather stroke or 3D brows, these are all a form of Cosmetic Tattooing that uses a small hand tool and a blade, comprised of a number of needles, are used to create small “strokes” or cuts in the skin to mimic the look of hair. The results are very natural and have the appearance of real hair.

Microblading can last anywhere from 1-3 years depending on the pigments used, skin type, and lifestyle.

What are powder brows and who are they best for?
Powder brows have many names.  Machine brows, shading, ombre brows, just to name a few! Regardless of the term, it is a cosmetic tattoo treatment for the enhancement of your brows to create a fuller appearance. Powder brows can range from a soft dust of color, to a defined but natural, to a more intense healed result, depending on your goals! Results can last anywhere from 2-5+ years depending on the pigments used, technique, skin type and lifestyle.

Powder brows are great for all skin types and the least traumatic for the skin

What is Lip Blush?
Lip Blush is a semi permanent Cosmetic Tattoo that adds definition and a soft flush of color to your lips. Tina Davies + PermaBlend Pigments are custom mixed for your skin tone to give you a natural, finished look with no makeup.

Hot Tip ~ When lip blush is healed, think tinted lip balm, not full coverage lipstick!!

I have previous cosmetic tattoos done by another artist, can I book an appointment?

Absolutely, Yes!

I specialize in tattoo and colour correction work.  You will never be turned away – If you like, set up a complimentary consult to discuss your brows at [email protected]

How will you determine the shape to be tattooed? Will I have input?
Yes, you will!  I will create the shape of your brows(or lips or placement of freckles), based on measurements taken from your own face.  I also ask for client's to arrive at their appointment with their brows filled in so that I can get a better idea of the shape & size you are comfortable with. Bring your brow pencil or makeup product with you so we can analyze the colour.  You will have input every step of the way, including shape, colour of ink and size of the new brows.  We will not begin tattooing until you have fully approved your new brows.

How long does Cosmetic Tattooing last? How many sessions are necesary?

Cosmetic Tattoos are considered Semi-Permanent, they fade over time and require a touch up every 1-3 years.  Frequency of touchups depends on the client's skin, pigments used and other factors such as sun exposure, chemical peels, IPL & some medications or vitamin deficiencies.

A new client with no previous permanent makeup can expect to need their initial appointment followed by a touch up scheduled 4-8 weeks later

Does it hurt?
Pain tolerance varies greatly from person to person, most clients say it feels like a quick ouch that subsides very quickly(with multiple applications of the anesthetic)  I use a topical lidocaine cream and a gel that are highly-effective for numbing, both before and during your procedure. Every effort will be made to ensure that you remain comfortable during your procedure.

Can I get Lip Blush if I have dark lips?
Lip Blush results can be achieved on clients with melanin-rich lips, but multiple sessions may be needed to reach the desired results. Clients with very pigmented lips or those with very cool undertones may not be the best candidates for lip blush

What is the healing process?
The tattooed area will appear thicker and darker than expected for the first few days. This will gradually lighten while the tattoo goes through the complete healing process which takes approximately 4 weeks from start to finish. You can expect some dry skin and flakiness while your new cosmetic tattoo heals. BrowSavvy healing balm is included with all new client procedures

If you are familiar with healing traditional body tattoos, you will find that healing cosmetic tattoos is very similar.

Each client will receive detailed aftercare instructions during their procedure. Want to know more now? Pre + Post Care

Can I wear makeup while my brows are healing?
You will need to remain makeup free for at least 10 days after the procedure.  Be sure to clean all make-up brushes before you start using them again on your new brows.  Any cosmetics (foundation, powders, tinted moisturizer) on the area can affect the colour of the pigment and can even turn it to a undesirable grey tone

How old do I have to be to get a Cosmetic Tattoo procedure?
You must be 18 years or older

Can I get Cosmetic Tattoos if I've had Botox?
Absolutely! However, we do not recommend having botox 4 weeks before or 4 weeks after. This is to ensure that the injectables have settled and fully kicked in

Can I get Lip Blush if I’ve had Juvederm/filler?
Yes! The same rules apply for filler as for Botox, you’ll want to wait 4 weeks before or after filler to get your lip blush treatment.

Can I get Lip Blush if I have a history of Cold Sores?
Yes, however, a lip blush procedure can cause a cold sore outbreak in clients with a history of cold sores. If you’ve had any cold sores in the past, please consult with your doctor before getting tattooed.

Taking cold sore medication prior to appointment is highly recommended.

Can I get Cosmetic Tattooing if I’ve had a Surgical cosmetic procedure?
Yes, however, please make sure that you are 3 MONTHS HEALED minimum from surgery before any permanent makeup procedure. Why?  Swelling can remain present for a few months after rhinoplasty, liposuction, face lifts, eyelid procedures, which can make it difficult for us to determine accurate facial proportions and symmetry.